Danijel Zavratnik


I was born in 1972 in Split, Croatia. Photography became my permanent escort at the end of 1992. Six years later, in the summer of 1998 I was faced with a very difficult decision: I had to choose between two professions: telecommunications or photography.After much though I chose telecommunications as my main profession and photography as my love. 

Member of  Fotoklub Maribor and  Fotoklub Split.

At the moment I'm doing my master's degree at the Faculty of electrotechnical sciences in Ljubljana.

By now I've presented my photographs at numerous group exhibitions in Austria, Belgium, Macedonia, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, Brasil, Japan, USA, Germany, Spain, Poland, Yugoslavia, Italy and Luxemburg.

My work was also exhibited at 14 individual exhibitions.

My equipment:

 medium format 120

camera Hasselblad 500ELM+lens Carl Zeiss  C 150mm/4 T*


camera Nikon D70

small format 135

cameras Nikon F90X, F801S and FG20

Nikon lenses (135 & digital)

MF: Nikkor 24mm/2 AI,  Nikkor 35mm/2 AI,

AF: Nikkor 50mm/1.8, Nikkor 85mm/1.8, Nikkor 35-70/3.3-4.5, Nikkor 80-200/2.8, Tokina 19-35/3.5-4.5

flashes Nikon SB24 and SB26

other accessories

processor Jobo CPA2

studio flashes Hensel Compact 2*500Ws i 1*250Ws

lights 3200K 2* Hedler 1000W i 1*Revue 1000W